Notary Public

Our Notary Public is usually always available, except for vacation time, but you may always call us before coming to our office to confirm that he is available.

Important notice: To notarize a signature, the person signing a document to be notarized, MUST BE PRESENT before the notary with a VALID STATE ID, Absolutely NO exceptions.

In the State of New York, a notary public may charge a fee of $2.00 per signature for administering an oath or affirmation or for taking an acknowledgment or proof of execution. Unless otherwise authorized by law, a notarial fee may not exceed this amount.

As a mobile notary, a New York notary public may charge any travel / distance / time fee that the client and the notary may agree upon.

In New York State, a notary public, or notario público, is not an attorney. A notary public cannot give legal advice, draft legal papers, or review documents for legality


Mail Boxes for Rent

Rent a Private Mail Box (PMB) for a monthly, by annual or yearly very low rate fee.

For more information, please contact us.